Pilgrim Baptist Worship Center, Inc.

A New Testament Church

How to Join the Team



     There are three ways to become a mamber of our team here at Pilgrim Baptist Worship Center:

  • As a candidate for Baptism.
  • By letter from a church of like faith.
  • By Christian experience.

     To begin the multi-step procedure, you must take the first step.  During the worship service (after the sermon but before the benediction), there is a "Time of Decision".  This is the time to come forward and make application to join our Team (church membership).


     After the first visit to our facility and before your next visit you may desire to join our Team, if this is the case you may contact the Pastor by telephone.  At this time you can make your desire to join our Team known to him.  At this time hw will arrange a meeting regarding your desire to join our Team (become a member).  This option does not eliminate the required coming forward during Worship Service at the Time of Decision. When you come forward during the Time of Decision, the Church Clerk will take some general information about you.

     The next step in the procedure will be a home visit by the Membership Committee, at a mutually convenient time, for the purpose of gathering additional personal information about you.


     After the home visit by the Membership Committee, your application will be evaluated and a decision regarding your application will be made.  If the Membership Committee accepts your application they will then make a recommendation to the church that your application he accepted.  The church-at-large will then vote to accept, reject, or adjust your application.


     If you are a candidate for baptism, a time will be scheduled for this first step of obedience to our Lord and you will receive further instructions from the Pastor or Deacons.


     Note:  All potential Team Members of P. B. W. C., regardless of application type are required to complete Discipleship classes and New Membership Orientation classes within the designated time periods. 

     This is a lot of information and it may be a little confusing.  If this is the case just give the Pastor a call or following Worship service find a Deacon and he will be able to answer all of your questions.


Church Office--(414) 265-7171

Pastors Home Office--(414) 353-9947

If there is no answer, please leave a message.