Pilgrim Baptist Worship Center, Inc.

A New Testament Church

Core Values

Core Values Statement

The following are the core values of Pilgrim Baptist Worship Center.  It is our desire that these values define,

shape, and drive this ministry in the context of a loving and concerned environment.


Scripture--We value the Bible as God's inspired, inerrant, and infallible word as a guide and standard for all aspects of life (II Tim. 3: 16).

It is our intent to teach the whole counsel of God in all of it's fullness with integrity, and authority to believers so they will become mature in

Christ and to unbelievers that they may receive Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Biblical Education--We value and view Biblical Education as a mandate of God (II Tim. 2: 15).  We believe Sunday school, corporate study,

personal study, and formalized instruction (Bible College, whether on campus or distance learning) are ways to fulfill this mandate.

Congregational Ministry--We value congregational participation in ministry (Ephesians 4: 11-13).  Therefore we seek to equip and recruit

all our uniquely gifted people to effectively accomplish the work of our ministry.

Evangelism--We value the "lost" because God does (LK. 19: 10).  Therefore it is our desire to use every available Christ-honoring means

to pursue, win, and disciple lost people (Matt. 28: 19-20).

Family--We value family as the God-ordained unit of society and the source of practice, nurturing, and re-enforcement of Biblical values and

principles to be handed down from generation to generation (IITim. 1: 5).

Grace Orientation--We value grace orientation to life as opposed to a legal orientation (Romans 6: 14).  Therefore we encourage our members

to serve Christ from hearts of love and gratitude rather than guilt and condemnation.

Individual and Congregational Accountability--We value each born-again Christian holding themselves accountable both individually

and corporately to them that are in leadership of this congregation and those that co-labor in this ministry knowing that we all shall give account

before God of the deeds donne both good and bad in this life (Rom. 14: 12, Hebrews 13: 17).

Ministry Excellence--We value giving our best in service to God because He gave his best--His Son--to us (Colossians 3: 23-24).  Therefore it

is our desire to honor Him by maintaining a high standard of excellence in our ministry and activities.

Prayer--We value prayer as a vital part of our relationship and communion with God  (Phil. 4: 6).  Therefore it is our desire to encourage and

exercise prayer in all of our congregational and personal activities.